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Coated Grey Back Duplex Board

Manufacturer of Coated Grey Duplex Board

Product Details :

Quality Spendura HWC / Spenta LWC
Dimension/Size Any Size, As per your requirement
GSM 180 to 400
Deckle 4.2 Meter
Capacity 300 Ton Per Day
Packaging Type Pallet / Sink Packing / As per Your Requirement

High Quality Coated Duplex Board, keeping hygienic conditions in mind while manufacturing.

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Coated Grey Back Duplex Board Paper

An emotion driven demand of today's packing industry has paved its way for the ascension of Spento Papers India in the past few years, and in a very small amount of time the brand has delivered its best services and innovative product to its customers. A much competitive and quest for a more personable packaging solution to the satisfaction of its users has been speculated to be the driving force in the packaging board papers industry. At Spento we consistently push ourself through our Research & Development to achieve the best quality Coated Grey Back Duplex Board Paper. Especially formed for export purposes, Spento expects to deliver 80 percent of its production to foreign countries. Already finding a foothold in many countries our vision is to become a Global leader in the Duplex Board Paper industry through our operational accomplishments. Spento produces Coated Grey Duplex Boards. Spento is a prominent producer and exporter of Grey Back Duplex Board Papers in India and International market. And a completely mechanized plant guarantees that our paper boards are of highest qualities, the standard of production is upkept through inspections and multiple phases of supervision.

Duplex board paper consists of two layers, each layer made from virgin or recycled paper pulp. They are commonly used in consumer packaging sectors and for industrial packaging.

Our Coated Grey Back Duplex Board Paper

Coated Grey Back Duplex Board Paper is created with White exterior and grey interior layer. Coated with bright pulp pigments, it provides a glossy appearance and the feature also facilitates for better-quality printability. The exteriors are calendared on one side, providing a white and smooth surface suited for offset printing and a coated grey textured inside.

Features of Grey Back Duplex Board Paper

Light Weight - Due to its composition and aim itself the Coated Grey Back Duplex Board Papers are very light in weight making it very convenient for transportation and management.

Rigidity - Multileveled structure of the Coated Grey Back Duplex Board is very stiff in usage in packaging.

Even Slick Surface - Because of the evenly coated exterior the board papers exhibit sheen putting over the finest look.

Water Resistance & Dust Resistance Apart from revealing a shiny exterior, the coating prevents water and dust to set on the surface of the paper.

Printability - The structure of the Coated Grey Back Duplex Board Paper makes it perfect for offset printing apart from inkjet or laser printing. This makes for an industrial packaging quality product with personable designs stamped on it.

Robust Nature - The composition of the Grey Back Duplex Board Papers makes it very durable for any kinds of usage.

Curl Resistance - The Duplex Board papers may be mechanically designed to any shape or mold of usage but are fold resistant, making it a perfect for boxing and packaging purposes.

Specifications of Grey back Duplex Board Paper

Multilevel Composition - Coated Grey Back Duplex Board Paper is made by thoroughly mixing imported pulp, waste papers and recycled pulp to a consistency which makes for an enhanced and superior product.

High Quality Raw Material - The Duplex Board Paper is made from layering of premium raw materials like virgin paper waste, grey paper waste and other different grades of pulp providing it the best fiber strength.

Eco-Friendly Production - The thrust on the minimal adverse impact on the environment has let to our high level quality standards adhering to best eco friendly practices at our plant.

Completely Hygienic Product - Our production approach is ensured for highest hygiene maintenance at our site and thus our Coated Grey Back Duplex Board Paper has been approved for food and pharmaceutical packaging.


Our Grey back Duplex Board Paper comes available in Rolls or in Sheets form, as per the requirement of the job. Its extensive implementation is majorly owed to the new age lifestyle changes such as ecommerce, food deliveries which have elevated the Board paper industry for sectors like – Pharmaceutical, Apparels, Match Box, Liquid Packaging, Food Packaging, Cards, various other Packaging applications.