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Duplex vs Triplex Board Paper

Traditionally, extra layers of pulps and papers have made better quality board papers that have been used in a variety of industries. Having evolved from the single-layered paper whose initial purpose was to serve as a writing parchment, they have seen and been through many enhancements over the years. These advancements were mostly needed by the changing needs of the people and the areas they served. This made way for Duplex and Triplex board papers.

Duplex board paper and triplex board papers, as their names indicate, are double or triple layers, each of which is created from recyclable materials such as paper pulps. They are widely utilized in the FMCG industry, as well as in commercial packing and cardboard containers.

HWC (high-weight coated) and LWC (light-weight coated) are the two most common duplex and triplex board variants. The HWC and LWC are both available with a white or grey back. They are incredibly adaptable paper goods that may be acquired in rolls or sheets depending on your needs and specification.

But there are still differences between both board papers, thus making them have a unique application for various industries in general.

Duplex Vs Triplex Board Paper

Duplex Board Paper

Duplex board is a somewhat more cost-effective alternative to board papers with an identical face finish that gives a better print surface comparable to other board paper alternatives. They are thicker than single-layered paper and are used in a variety of applications including prints and packaging.

Triplex Board Paper

Triplex, which has three layers, is commonly used in the production of boxes, purses, covers, packages, and delivery mailers. Triplex's high-gleam surface, as well as its sturdiness, are distinguishing characteristics. It also lends itself well to a wide range of stationery usage.

Comparing Duplex Vs Triplex Board

When we compare duplex board paper against triplex, the obvious difference between them is the thickness which allows triplex board papers to be used as sturdier boxing and packaging material. However, when you consider the versatility, duplex board paper can be used in a variety of ways such as packaging and printing etc.

Also, when compared the cost of triplex board paper will be higher because of its composition which requires an extra layer of paper pulp, and that leads to extra cost in the raw materials. And given the structure of a triplex board paper, they are more prone to bending and curling, however, their stiffness gives them an edge over duplex board paper. 

But having considered their composition or their characteristics, it would be difficult to give the edge to either, since both have distinct advantages and are created for specific use.

Uses of Duplex and Triplex Board Papers

Though they are different in many senses, the duplex and triplex board papers may have shared applications and usages in different areas such as food packaging, pharmaceutical sector, industries, matchboxes, apparels packaging, box packaging, gift boxes, toys, and other accessory boxes, etc.

Both board papers are designed and created in such a way as to be resistant to stain and moisture, always have a uniform coating and a smooth and glossy finish can be achieved on both.

Spento Papers is a prominent leader in the market for delivering high-quality duplex papers that are made from high-quality paper pulp and recycled pulps, they are perfect for each of the applications mentioned above and are tested and verified for their consistency. So, next time you have a need for duplex paper, consider Spento papers and we promise you will never look for another option.


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