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The Visit To Paperex 2022 - International Exhibition and Conference

Spento Papers is expected to take part in the upcoming International Conference – Paperex. The event has been rescheduled to be held from May 10 to 13, 2022. The exhibition which was previously scheduled for December 2021 and rescheduled for January 2022 had been postponed to the newly released dates. Like the previous edition, which was last held in 2019, the International Exhibition & Conference on Pulp, Paper, and Allied Industries will attract promoters, manufacturers, distributors, and enthusiasts from all around the world.

The exhibition showcases new innovations, related products, new launches, and special offers by exhibitors. With the vast media coverage like the previous editions, this year too, Spento Papers wishes to make an impact with its products and wants to establish new ties with potential promoters, distributors, and importers around the world.

Paperex previously has fascinated a huge number of participants. The last edition in 2019 saw a massive 700+ exhibitors from 25 countries around the world. The exhibition also provides a path within the increasingly competitive environment. Companies try to develop new and qualified technologies while also following their competitors. They also reach out to current & potential customers and also try to identify their demands & expectations.

Being the only such conclave of this magnitude, Paperex 2022 promises to be a much bigger and better affair with more exhibitors and participants joining the conference. India is the world's fastest growing paper market, and it provides an intriguing scenario: paper consumption is poised to take a significant jump ahead in tandem with economic expansion. 

Consequently, the Indian paper market which aims its paper & paper products market to reach $13.4 billion by 2024 will benefit a lot from the assembly. Spento Papers which has been at the forefront of Indian domestic paper and paper product solutions will aim to make the most out of this exhibition, where it will have the opportunity to open up its doors to the world.