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White Back Duplex Board: Do You Really Need It? | Spento Papers

What Is Duplex Board?

Duplex board is a type of paperboard or cardboard, the outside of the board is coated to make it more moisture resistant and reflective, but still uncoated duplex board is sturdy enough to make disposable items. Unlike corrugated cardboard, duplex board is durable, lightweight, and capable of taking on a bright white look. It's frequently used to make boxes for a wide range of small products.

What is White Back Duplex Board?

Duplex Boards are essentially a kind of cardboard or paperboard that is two layered. White outer and internal layers are used to make White Back Duplex Boards. It has a glossy coating and is treated with bright white pigments, which allows for improved printing. The finished product is made of White Virgin Waste Pulp, as the name implies.

With its complex composition and wide application range, the White Back Duplex Board has a wide variety of application and usage in numerous areas and field. Here, we have made it easier for you to understand the composition and application and use of what is White Back Duplex Board, Do you Really Need it? And everything that will help you decide!


Why White Back Duplex Boards?

Duplex Board because of its specific applications has varied properties making it convenient for number of industries to make use of it such as garments, pharmaceuticals, food, gifting and toys etc.

The attributes of duplex board are rigidity, durability, anti-folding property, smooth and flat finish, moisture resistance and the compatibility with all kinds of printing. We use it to make luxurious durable boxes, such as rigid shoe boxes, clothing boxes, and toy packaging, in the Package Packaging Solution team.

Because of the exceptional paper hardness, which provides good support for the box die-cutting operation and hot forming effects when laminated. It may also be used to manufacture wine and liquor package cases. To create sturdy boxes with spectacular design printing, non - treated duplex board should always be wrapped with art paper and custom sheets.

White Back Duplex Board is made entirely of recycled paper and is thus environmentally friendly. Ordinary duplex cardboard is not manufactured from wood pulp in the food industry for safety reasons; however, paper waste is occasionally used if the paperboard is used for all other applications.

The application of White Back Duplex Board extends to publishing as well, because of it uniquely thin composition it is used widely in the publishing industry as well.


Reason Why You Need White Back Duplex Board?

Why do you need white back duplex board? The answer is pretty elaborate and yet very simple. This may be understood better as under:

  • Economical – Whether it be an industry or a common household, the one of the things that gets the attention of everyone is the economic effect of a certain investment. In this case the White Back Duplex Board is as economical as it gets. Easy on pocket, the product cannot be ignored at all.
  • Versatile Application – The many application of a simple product such as the White back duplex board makes it an easy choice.
  • Strength – Because of its composition it is an easy choice when you are going for a durable product on an affordable price.
  • Formability – Because of the formation of the duplex board, the product itself, retains the shape of everything that it is designed for.
  • Completely Customizable – The duplex board is completely customizable and can be made to order for any kind of needs.
  • Eco–Friendly – If you are concerned about how you contribute to the environment, the you should not look further as the composition of the white back duplex board is consistently eco friendly.
  • Trust Worthy – For any investment or expense we always go for the trust factor of the product and the duplex board is very reliable because of its customizable attributes.

These many reasons makes the white back duplex board as a innovation which is a very sensible and practical choice.

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