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Our research team adheres to the thumb rule of research and quality check: the finished duplex board product must comply with all the standard requisites. They must meet the sets of predefined quality standards. They strictly control and maintain quality checks performed on the produced and imprinted duplex board paper products. Our quality control team strives to pull off customer satisfaction through quality and eco-friendly products. The group continuously works on developing and raising the quality standards across designing manufacturing, printing, finishing, and marketing duplex boards products.

Spento Papers stringently follows a trustworthy flair for in-house research and development unit; to anticipate and act in response to our clients’ and customers’ prerequisites and requirements and advancement in the standard of living, structural design, and architectural appeal. Spento Papers is a developing organisation producing the best and finest quality duplex board papers such as white back duplex board papers, grey back duplex board papers, rill & board paper. Our entire unit is highly adaptable to follow the most up-to-date manufacturing, quality inspection, and packing technologies while producing white back duplex boards, grey duplex boards, rill & board paper. At Spento Papers, customer satisfaction and product quality are the top concerns and priorities that have pushed Spento Papers products locally and globally.

Duplex Board Paper Making Process


The organization works four adaptable Paper Machines and two Board Machines with an introduced limit of 3,20,000 TPA.

The different useful qualities of the Machines and the swing limit have empowered the organization to deliver a wide arrangement of paper and Board going from 52 to 600 gsm , took into account an expanded application section empowering the factory to support its offer in a market delicate to the season and cycle.


Our vision is to effectively build the world’s best duplex board paper manufacturing and export company through our innovative manufacturing techniques and highly adaptive work environment. We envision the most loved and trusted manufacturers of a wide range of duplex Board papers by keeping our clients and customers satisfied with our high-quality duplex board paper products, on-time delivery, and taking account of the prerequisites and needs of our customers and serving them well with our after-sale customer service. To plan and build a safe and healthy work environment for the workforce and to promote their professional skills at different levels. Spento Papers envisaged working together as a single strong team with hard work and dedication.


Our mission is to innovatively create and supply the best and the state-of-the-art coated duplex board paper by keeping customer’s satisfaction is the top priority and a prime goal. It also encourages and pushes our workforce’s skills and interests to enhance their tiling industry proficiencies. Spento Papers’ work ethics and policies work around our fundamentals values that keep our product quality and service quality intact and alive. The team is highly motivated and enthusiastic by keeping the brand identity alive and following its core values. At Spento Papers, the workforce and the entire production to export phase maintain the highest character integrity level while serving our clients and customers with the product quality and within the tightest delivery deadlines. We firmly adhere to transparency in communication and accepting feedback for improvements and tweaks from our clients and customers.


Spento Papers is a proud company with a highly adept Development team of creators, designers, engineers, and marketers. We believe in boosting their skills and expertise to match the pace of high emerging demand for duplex board paper production and be flexible to the modernised duplex board paper production techniques. Our manufacturing phase follows new and updated technologies and methodologies in producing, imprinting, and checking manufacturing products’ quality. Spento Papers duplex boards brilliance is printed digitally using high tech printers to make them adorable and visually appealing. We are focused on innovatively manufacturing designed duplex board paper products with the utmost excellence and perfection using hi-tech manufacturing and printing technology. Our primary goal and motive are to wow our valued customers, clients through our work commitment and product quality. We serve our customers and clients with our best possible produced coated duplex board paper product within the promised timeline and even within the tightest deadlines by keeping the quality intact.