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Duplex Board Supplier in UAE

UAE has always had a huge market for duplex board paper and these duplex board papers are used in a variety of industries for numerous applications. Duplex boards are unique in that regard - Duplex Board's applicability is not limited; in fact, its form and structure allow it to be utilized in almost any manufacturing, packing, or handicraft industry. The environmental impact of the Duplex Boards has been improved to meet every ecologically friendly standard set after deep deliberation. As one of the world’s biggest marketplace, UAE always had massive requirements for packaging solutions; from premium quality to food grade.

Boards have had a balanced ecological effect as a result of new improvements in contemporary technological breakthroughs and continual research and development gains. The majority of Duplex Boards are created from Food Grade Approved materials and have been approved for use in food and pharmaceutical packaging. Duplex boards suppliers such as Spento Papers, who are based in India and are one of the leading duplex board manufacturers, have been fulfilling the ever-growing needs of the United Arab Emirates with utmost ease and to their complete satisfaction.

Duplex Board Papers

Duplex Boards are simply a type of cardboard or paperboard with essentially two layers. They come in coated as well as non-coated options, with each having its own application and advantages attributed to it. Coated duplex boards are suitable for high-quality product packaging since their surface is brilliant and dust-free. These duplex boards have a high-quality coating that adds strength, shine, and hardness. They are widely utilized in the industry and are well-known for their durability and quality. 

A Duplex board is a form of a board that is available in rolls and sheets. These are often used to produce shoe boxes, cloth boxes, cereal boxes, soap boxes, toothpaste boxes, and a variety of other packaging. They are available in both white and grey back duplex boards.

Duplex Board over Normal Paper

Duplex boards have not been clearly differentiated apart from their evident thickness of duplex boards which is usually approximately 0.30 and has various foldability and stiffness benefits over paper. Paperboard, often known as duplex board, is used to construct a variety of packaging and packing boxes. Chipboard is a type of paperboard made completely of recycled materials. 

According to ISO standards, paperboard is a paper with a weight per area of more than 250 g/m2, with few exceptions. Paperboard, either single-ply or multi-ply, can be utilized. Due to its robustness, the duplex board is used in packaging since it is lightweight, simple to cut and shape.

Duplex Board Supplier in UAE

Spento Paper is by far the most prominent duplex board supplier in UAE. They have had the best facilities and machinery to produce a world-class packaging solution in white back duplex board or grey back duplex board. Their high-edge infrastructure and constant zeal to remain on the leading edge of technology and innovation allow them to offer their high-quality duplex boards’ at the most competitive price in the market. 

Their graphics design team has provided full-color design thoughts as well as an expert demo to assist you in visualizing any ideas or personalization that the UAE market has desired and asked for. Their talented designers and engineers can create precise designs that adhere to the necessary professional and visual requirements. Based on such designs, the layouts are then provided with samples of personalized products for approval, ensuring the highest quality.
Spento Papers, being one of the largest producers, also has a significant warehouse facility to keep a large inventory, making them a major duplex paper provider. They are also able to continually offer their clients their high-quality products without any delivery time lag. 

Spento Papers

Spento Papers (India) LLP is an Indian Limited Liability Partnership that specializes in duplex board manufacture and are a domestic leader in the supply of high-quality duplex board papers. Along with this, they have expanded their business network all over the world while fulfilling standards around the globe. The Company has extensive assets, technical expertise, and technology, R&D, plants and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, well-equipped testing facilities, outstanding facilities and services, such as water, power generation, waste Treatment Plants, and so on, at its manufacturing location.

They have dedicated their research wing to solely understanding packaging requirements and designing a consistent, high-quality package that is suitable for both hand-filling and machine-filling procedures. They can give insight into the shortcomings of a specific style or correct mistakes based on past experience. The automated production approach assures that their product quality remains consistent. 

Their Quality

Spento papers' Duplex Boards are high quality and tested and approved at each level of its manufacturing process. They offer a variety of qualities that make them suitable for usage in a variety of sectors. A duplex board's coating layer provides a premium shine as well as a crucial water resistance feature, guaranteeing that the coating resists moisture and particles. Specifically designed for packaging, the Duplex boards include an Anti Curl function that prevents the board from curling, making it perfect for storing or transporting products.

Due to its multi-layered nature, Duplex Board Papers are exceptionally strong and stiff in structure, making them excellent for packaging a range of products without worrying about the strength of the packing material. Duplex Board sheets may be custom molded to match any form or mold, yet they are fold resistant, making them perfect for wrapping and packing.

Duplex Boards are evenly coated for a superior and even application. Because of its homogeneity, its application is not restricted to packing and may be found in a variety of different fields. The Duplex boards' smooth and consistent finish makes them suitable for all types of printing, including offset, inkjet, and laser printing.

While UAE has grown so has its requirement of standards from anything that they demand, this has paved the way for duplex manufacturer Spento Papers to evolve and improve their product to meet the challenging demand of this middle eastern giant.


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