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Grey Back Duplex Board in Vietnam - Spento Papers

The term "paperboard or duplex board" refers to a thick paper-based substance. While there is no hard and fast distinction between paper and paperboard, paperboard is considerably thicker, which is normally around 0.30 and has several advantages over paper in terms of foldability and stiffness. Paperboard or duplex board is used to make a wide range of packaging and packaging boxes. Chipboard or "bending chip" are terms used to describe paperboard that is constructed entirely of recycled materials. Paperboard, according to ISO standards, is a paper with a grammage more than 250 g/m2, however there are several exceptions. A single-ply or multi-ply paperboard can be used. 

Duplex board is lightweight, easy to cut and mould, and is utilised in packaging due to its strength. High-quality graphic printing, such as book and magazine covers or postcards, is another use. Paperboard is often used to make sculptures in the fine arts. Coated duplex boards with grey back and white back have a wide application all around the world in every nook and corners and the thus white back and grey back duplex board exporters from India have enjoyed great reception and business from many global centers.

Grey Back Duplex Board

Duplex Board is a type of paperboard or cardboard that is also known as grey back duplex board owing to its grey tint on both sides. Because it is made up of two layers, or plies, it is referred to as a duplex board. To give the board a glossy sheen, the outside one side is frequently covered with a dazzling white look. Duplex coated board having a glossy coated surface on one side for better printability. Greyback duplex paper boards, also known as HWC Duplex Paper Boards, are created with distinct grades of pulp layers, with the top layer being virgin paper waste and the bottom layer being grey paper waste. 

Grey back duplex comes in a variety of sheet sizes and thicknesses, ranging from 200 GSM to 410 GSM. Duplex paperboard is manufactured entirely of recycled paper and is therefore environmentally beneficial. Ordinary duplex cardboard is not created from recycled paper in the food sector for hygienic concerns; however, waste paper is occasionally utilized if the duplex board is intended for other applications.

Grey Back Duplex Board Exporter in Vietnam

Spento Papers has represented and satisfied the tiles requirements in this South Asian country - Vietnam. Vietnam has been one of their most significant clients. Spento Papers is a pioneer in the export of grey back duplex board market, and they've been expanding at a rapid pace because of increased demand from consumers. With their continual focus on the export process and study on the ultimate demand, they have been able to provide to their customers' pleasure. 

Spento Papers has assured that its valued clients are supplied with the best of what they have to give and the finest that they deserve by prioritizing a hassle-free and on-time delivery with essential and appropriate quality checks at every step of the packing process.

Product Quality & Features

Spento Papers is a dedicated company that makes high quality coated duplex board with grey back. White Back Duplex Board Papers are particularly strong and stiff in use due to their multilayered construction, making them ideal for packing a variety of items. The coated exterior gives a luxury gloss as well as an important water resistance rating, which means the Duplex board paper's surface repels water and droplets. The coatings also prevent dust from adhering to the surface of this board paper. 

The coated duplex board papers' heavily layered structure makes them resistant to uneven or rough usage. Its smoothness, thanks to the same coated sheen, enables for a high-quality print to be done quickly and in any desired design. In addition, the gleam gives it a luxury appearance that is appropriate for its intended use. The board paper is designed to be printed on, whether it's with an inkjet, laser or an offset printer. Duplex Board sheets can be customized and molded to fit any form or mold, yet they are fold resistant, making them ideal for boxing and packaging.

Application of Grey Back Duplex Board

Grey back duplex board paper has a wide range of applications, and with the development in online services, ecommerce, and food delivery, there is a constantly rising scope. Some of the application areas include color box printing, card printing, offset printing, daily necessities packaging, home appliance packaging, IT product packaging, pharmaceutical / health care product packaging, indirect food packaging, toy packaging, gift packaging, ceramic packaging, stationery packaging, beverage packaging, and so on. 

As a major grey back duplex exporter, Spento Paper ensures the quality of their products to match the industry and its usage that it is required for. Such as for a food packing, the grey back duplex board will be food grade and so is for the medical packaging.

Spento Papers

Spento is a well-known manufacturer of Grey Back Duplex Board Papers in India and abroad. They are a revered exporter of Grey Back Duplex Board, which is specifically dedicated their services and productions to meet the demands of the packaging sector. The Grey Back Duplex Board is available in a variety of sizes and weights. Spento Papers India LLP entered the coated duplex board paper industry and in a short time, has established an enviable reputation globally as a grey back duplex board exporter. 

Rather than importing its output in whole or in part, the corporation insisted on importing a complete plant and machinery from overseas paper machinery pioneers. A fully automated system maintains the quality of the paper boards and allows for considerably more strict control to maintain the manufacturing level. Spento makes coated gray duplex boards and white back duplex boards. Its mission is to become a global leader in the manufacture of duplex boards by providing customers with the best-fitting duplex board paper solution and premium coated duplex board paper goods