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Packaging plays a crucial role in various industries. The right type of packaging not only ensures product safety but also plays a significant role in the promotional aspect of a product. Recently, there have been many discussions about the quality of food packaging boxes that directly influence the quality of the food as well as the health and well-being of the consumers. 

Spento Papers India LLP is a leading food packaging boxes manufacturer with a very high reputation in the industry. As packaging endures the shipping process, product handling and storage, the food product manufacturers need to select the top food box manufacturers. 

Before you choose the company for the supply of the packaging boxes, it is essential to know why it is important to select the carton box supplier cautiously. 


Why Packaging Is Important For Food Products

It is essential to understand the value of using high-quality food packing containers that can go a long way in preventing contamination of packaged food products. With the rise in the demand for disposable food packing boxes, you must understand that it is mandatory to ensure the quality of the product to gain a foothold in the market.  

Packaging Keeps Food Fresh

Correct packaging can notably increase the shelf life of food products. Poor quality of packaging cannot maintain the freshness of the food items inside. 
Shorter shelf life will hinder business growth and amount to huge losses for the business. 
If the food paper box cannot prevent the entry of oxygen inside, the product may decompose. 
Therefore, the right packaging integrity is a must, if you want to provide the consumers with the best quality healthy food products. 

Packaging Protects Food From Contamination

Local or global manufacturers are always worrying about contamination of the food products on slightest exposure to bacteria and pollutants. As the food products undergo shipping and storage for extended periods, the risk of contamination is even higher. 
This is one of the chief reasons why food paper box quality matters a lot for the right packaging of the products. The top carton manufacturers apply tight quality control measures that will help in the detection of even minute leaks. The packaging has to qualify for the seal integrity tests before the clients receive them. 
 Food businesses have to follow very strict guidelines that will ensure the maintenance of food safety procedures. Thus, the cardboard box manufacturer will have a major role to play in preventing food contamination. 

Packaging Makes Food Easy to Transport

What if your food products have to compromise their integrity just because of some physical damage owing to wrong packaging material? Proper sealing and protecting the products inside from contaminants are not the only reasons why custom food boxes have become a vital part of the food industry. 
If the packaging material is not sturdy enough, it cannot maintain its structural integrity through the rough handling, warehousing, and shipping process. The strong food packaging boxes should be good enough to hold up against the external pressure and handling procedures. 

Where Food Packaging Boxes can be used?

 Whether it is coated or non-coated, the food paper box is a staple in the food processing industry these days. Simple boxes can serve in a variety of ways when it comes to the packaging of food products. 

  • Packaging and delivery of luxury chocolates and confectionary items. 
  • Dry foods like breakfast cereals and pasta
  • Fresh food like vegetables and fruits for which the carton manufacturers face a lot of demand. 
  • Packaging of pet foods
  • Convenient multipacks for water, beer, energy drinks, and wine.
  • Bag-in-box wines and spirits.
  • Dry beverages like coffee and tea. 

And there are a lot more food products that undergo shipping inside the big cardboard cartons. So, the application of food packaging boxes is widespread when it comes to the food industry.  

The Benefits of Using Food Packaging Boxes  

Spento Papers has been serving as leading carton manufacturer for a long time. And we have experienced how the food industry has grown indomitably with the help of improved packaging. 

Boxes Keep Food Organized

 When you are manufacturing small food products like chocolates or confectionary items like cakes, it is essential to maintain the organized structure of the shipping. However, if the food parcel box manufacturers know about the structure, shape, size and nature of the products, we can create the best quality of packaging that will keep the items in an organized format. 

Boxes Can Be Customized to Fit Your Needs

When you are ordering a packaging product, it is essential to customize the packaging depending on the shape, size, and nature of the product. For instance, disposable food packaging boxes will have a design to suit the products that you want to fit in a box. 
Therefore, whether you want the box for selling assorted dry fruits, sweets, or other products, custom food boxes can aid in the proper formatting of the products to sell to the consumers.  

Boxes Are Recyclable

 In a world, where making eco- friendly products is the only way to survive against the growing pollution level, it is essential to use recyclable materials like paper for the manufacturing of the food packing container. 
Paper is recyclable and we can plant the trees equally as its consumption to maintain the supply without harming the ecological balance. Thus, recyclable food packaging boxes are far better than plastic bags which can only add to the pollution. 

Why Choose Spento as Your Food Packaging Boxes Provider

Spento Papers have always been among the top food box manufacturers owing to the quality of the boxes that we make and the varieties. 

  • You can find the latest coated Duplex Board paper at our mills
  • Quality control process is strict. 
  • Eco-friendly products of high durability
  • We meet customer deadlines. 

You can rely on the strength and commitment of the food boxes and the food box manufacturers here. Spento aims to maintain its consistency as the top manufacturer by improving and developing the manufacturing process further.