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Paper Board Manufacturer in Germany


Paperboard is indeed a product that has seen widespread use for a range of applications. Paperboard, by definition, is thick, stiff cardboard made of compacted folds or paper pulp. It's a thick, plain bit of paper made out of a cluster of fiber. Although the differences between paper and paperboard are minor, a paperboard is usually at least 012-inch thick, the only distinction between the two is their thickness. The production of paper has a single structure, whereas paperboard involves a complex multi-layered build.

It is more durable than regular paper. It is inexpensive yet of high quality, which is one of the many advantages it offers to companies that need to preserve and wrap their items. Its qualities make it easy to slice and mold whilst preserving the thing contained inside against contamination. One of the reasons it is preferred is because it is more environmentally friendly.

Not only that, but many varieties of paperboard are quite capable of printing on it or absorbing color to have a more attractive appeal about it. As a result, aside from packing, paperboards are widely utilized in the advertising world for many attractive visual representations.

They are selected due to their ability to endure the strains and stresses involved with precision processing techniques. They are very effective in preserving the lifespan of printed text due to their tenacity. It is easily recyclable and may be created from wood or recycled paper. Because of the versatility of these substances in shows, firms may construct a wide variety of promotional items, designs, or shapes. Since it is made from sustainable, recyclable resources, paperboard is an excellent choice for ecologically aware customers.

Paper Board Manufacturer in Germany

Germany boasts as one of the biggest economies in the world and it enjoys much diversification in terms of lifestyle and varied industries. No doubt that makes it one of the most challenging markets in the world. Paper board manufacturers constantly evolve and enhance their product quality to meet exactly that. The quality and efficiency of the paper board need to be top-notch and hence the solution requires a top-notch company – Spento Papers is just that.

Spento Papers as a leading paper board manufacturer is dedicated to the creativity and excellence of their paperboards, providing the greatest and perhaps finest customized choices for their diverse clientele in Germany. Serving industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and beverages, apparel, Spento Papers has been able to fulfill the needs of nearly every industry that requires a high-quality paperboard solution. They have a completely high-tech system that ensures the durability of the paper boards while also allowing for much greater oversight to sustain the production level. 

Their creation of the paperboard involves a rather critical mechanism, which is attributable to the fact that it entails that fibrous particles become transformed to high-quality paper boards, and there is the operation in which wood or waste wood pulp is bleached in order to create a surface or even more strands on the boards. The step that follows up next is customizable, and there is the possibility for coatings that brings forth an enhanced aspect.

Spento Papers

In their top charted factory, they use the best practices in the industry to produce the greatest paperboards. Spento Papers paper boards are of exceptional quality and are checked and verified at every phase of production. They have a number of characteristics that make them suited for use in a range of industries.

The protective film of a duplex board delivers a high polish and a key water repellent property, guaranteeing that the surface avoids moisture and contaminants. Their paper boards are designed particularly for packaging and contain an Anti Curl feature that prevents the boards from twisting, rendering them excellent for keeping or moving products.


As one of the biggest Central European nations, Germany has provided a much stimulating market scenario that has pushed manufacturers to push their abilities and seek possibilities in everything they deliver in this nation. This has also opened the road for duplex producer Spento Papers to evolve and enhance their product to suit the tough demand of Germany.


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