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The paper boards grades are used for packaging food and for protecting products from shipment. There are primarily two significant forms of packaging. Those are corrugating containers and folding cartons. The frozen food items, milk products, dry foods, and other foods are well packaged in paperboard folding cartons. The food industry is the one dealing with paperboards more these days and they are our biggest clients at Spento. 
Right from coated grey back duplex board to the white back duplex board, we have loads of options available from our side. We make it a point to check the quality of the duplex board and other paper board options before presenting the right items to our needful client base.

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Leading manufacturer of paper boards in India

Even with hardcore competition these days, our team from Spento is more than happy to offer the best-ever paper board packaging you are looking for. Currently, we are named the best duplex board paper manufacturer all across India.

•    We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of coated duplex boards and white back duplex board paper mills.
•    Our main goal is to focus on producing and offering the best quality materials and satisfactory customer service for matching your needs and the client’s prerequisites and needs.
•    The primary ideology of our firm is to sustainably manufacture premium quality coated duplex board paper items while trying to maintain a healthy and excellent environment.

So, next time you are looking for the best hardboard paper or paperboard packaging help, we are more than happy to help you. All it takes is a single call from your side to head on to us.

There are 4 different types of paperboard

To help with the client’s flexible needs, we are ready to offer four different types when looking for a hard paper board. The main goal to offer such different types of paperboard is to help cover your food and packaging industry well and keep all your requirements in mind. So, instead of wasting time, let’s learn about the types before you can make the final decision.

•    Solid bleached sulfate


Generally speaking, solid bleached sulfate is the virgin fiber grade of the paperboard from our side. It is made by purely bleaching the wood pulp with the clay mineral-coated surface at the top. It is going to be a medium-density board with some finest printing properties. It results in higher-graded graphical and packaging items in the end. These paperboards can be cut easily, creased, embossed, and hot foil stamped.

•    Coated Unbleached Kraft


Another interesting version of the paper board from our side will be the Coated Unbleached Kraft. This board grade consists of various softwoods with some hardwood fiber mingled together. It remains in the top ply, which is again clay-coated for that smoother and whiter printing surface.

•    Coated Recycled Paperboard


The Coated Recycled Paperboard is known to offer superior integrity and is well-designed to offer outstanding package and packaging line efficiency. It helps in offering that enhanced performance level as asked for. Made using recycled fibers, the raw materials are recovered from paper manufacturing and then converted facilities and post-consumer sources. 

•    Non-Bending Chipboard


Made from recycled newsprint and also old corrugated versions, Non-Bending Chipboard consists of thicker paperboard grade. It is mostly used as body stock for setup boxes or rigid boxes. The chipboard is known to provide set-up boxes with rigid structures, which will not break down or fold for shipping.

Raw materials required for paper boards

In order to make the best paper and board, we at Spento would like to use some of the best raw materials, procured from multiple sources. It helps you to know which options to go for. So, let’s focus on the raw materials we use and what makes our products the most durable ones.

•    Hardwood:

Wooden pulp or hardwood pulp is used for manufacturing our paperboards. We ensure to catch up with the best hardwood vendors, who have been working with us for ages.

•    Softwood:

For producing paperboard and tissue items, we are known to use the bleached softwood Kraft pump for a change. 

•    Recycled:

For that eco-friendly vibe, we have the best-recycled materials used for manufacturing these paperboards. These materials come from sources like Mill Broke, pre-consumer items, and Post-consumer items.

•    Others:

Apart from the points mentioned above, we will be using wooden pulp, plant, polymer, and non-fibrous materials for making the right result.

Where paper boards can be used?

Most of the time, you will see the wide use of paperboards for manufacturing food container packages like ice cream cups, microwave popcorn bags, baking paper, and fast food containers like pizza, milk cartons, and beverage cups. Plain paper is not sufficient for food items because of the poorer barrier properties, strength, and low heat sealing ability. That’s when our paperboards come into action.

The Benefits of Using paper boards

Grey Back Duplex Paperboard and White Back Duplex Board are targeted to be the sustainable product, which will not produce waste. It can be recycled and can also be created by using recycling waste paper. Even the raw materials are procured from trees, which grow specifically in sustainable environments. Some of the major benefits of using paper boards are:

•    Versatility
•    Durability
•    Environment friendly
•    Scalability

Now you know why there is booming growth towards paperboard items, especially covering the food packaging industry. Our team from Spento is here to offer quality results all the time.

Spento is your perfect choice for paper boards

We, at Spento, are the proud owners of premium quality manufacturing units, working on coated duplex paper mills in Gujarat. We have a team of a highly skilled and dedicated workforce. Other than offering excellent product quality and top-notch service, our company has some extra features to offer, in terms of strength and flexibility.

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