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Premium Quality Duplex Board Exporter from India

Different types of duplex board paper White coated duplex board, grey coated duplex board, coated duplex board, uncoated white duplex board, grey back duplex board, and color coating duplex board are some of the products we provide as a major and reputable trading company from Gujarat. We are a well-known firm that is deeply involved in the trade and wholesale of a wide range of duplex board sheets and hence have earned the title of being a leading duplex board paper exporter. 

Superior grade duplex boards are among the goods available. Our goods are made from high-quality raw materials by extremely dependable suppliers and are overseen by skilled personnel. These items are well regarded by our valued customers due to their exceptional efficiency, maintenance-free, and great value.

As a duplex board exporter, Spento Papers have rightfully dedicated itself as a company that has led the way with the latest technology and innovation. We source our supplied paper and paperboard machinery from leading companies from around the world that are well-known and trustworthy. Our dealers exclusively provide us with high-quality merchandise. These genuine and recognized suppliers make the given assortment of items using cutting-edge machinery and techniques. 

These providers are well-versed in our customer's unique requirements. As a result, they are generating items by our customer's wishes. Aside from that, we provide these items at reasonable costs and within the timeframe specified by the customer. Spento paper is Exporter Two Type of Paper 1. Coated grey back duplex board paper and 2. White back duplex board paper.

Being a major duplex paper exporter, Spento Papers offers a wide and custom range of board papers. The duplex board type such as the coated gray or white back duplex board paper is designed specifically for their intended purposes. Spento Paper is a premium quality duplex board paper exporter and has earned the trust and business from around the countries world.

1. Coated Grey Duplex Board Paper

grey duplex paper

Coated Grey Back Duplex Board Paper has a white outside layer and a grey inside layer. It has a vibrant finish and enhanced print quality since it is coated with brilliant pulp colors. Calendared on one side, the facades have a white and flat finish suitable for printing technology and a coated grey patterned interior. 

The Coated Grey Back Duplex Board Papers are exceptionally low in weight owing to their structure and purpose. Our coated duplex board grey back is offered in Rolls or Sheets, depending on the needs of the work. Its widespread adoption is mostly due to new age lifestyle modifications and their uses and price and product quality suited for industries like e-commerce and restaurant delivery, which have increased the Boards paper business for industries such as medicines, among others.

2. White Back Duplex Board Paper

white back duplex paper

The outer and inner sides of White Back Duplex Boards are white. It has a glossy look and enhanced legibility since it is covered with brilliant white dyes. As the title suggests, the finished product is composed of White Virgin Waste Pulp. Due to their multidimensional nature, White Back Duplex Board Paper is exceptionally sturdy and strong in usage, which makes them ideal for packing any type of product. 

The densely complex structure of the white duplex board Papers renders it resistant to severe handling and appropriate for long-term use. White Back Duplex Board Paper has a wide range of applications, and with the increase in the variety of online service applications, it has a merited growing range. The composition and their uses and price and product quality are the many reasons why it is perfect for application throughout Pharmaceuticals, clothes, liquid wrapping, packaged food, postcards, and several other packaging uses.


Is the duplex board waterproof? 

The coated exterior not only gives a superior gloss but also an important water resistance rating, which means the Duplex Board Paper layer resists moisture and splashes. The composition of the duplex board papers makes them perfect for usage considering the water damage in many applications. Its structure also makes it a perfect choice for liquid packaging as well. 

Is duplex board sustainable?

The ecological damage of the Duplex Boards has indeed been balanced and improved to meet top ecologically friendly standards. Boards have had a favorable environmental impact as a result of new improvements in contemporary technological advances and continual study and improvement gains. Duplex Board is ecologically beneficial since it is composed completely of reused papers. For extra protection, conventional duplex cardboard is not made from wood fibers in the food service industry; nevertheless, waste paper is sometimes utilized if the paperboard is being used for all other uses.

Is paperboard eco-friendly?

Since at Spento Papers, we truly believe in our values and our responsibility towards the environment nearly all of our duplex board papers are made from waste and recycled paper pulps. The composition of the paper pulp does not get compromised at any point and still the eco-friendly products that we make are perfect for all the applications that they are advertised for.

What is a duplex board made of?

The duplex papers' multi-layered structure is precisely designed using raw materials acquired from overseas, waste papers, and recycled pulp. Spento Papers' responsible manufacturing practices have guaranteed that the raw materials utilized to produce the White Back or Grey Back Duplex Boards are of excellent quality and reprocessed. To ensure excellence, the product's covering is consistent throughout.

What is a duplex board commonly used for?

Spento Papers, a prominent duplex board paper producer, provides high-quality duplex boards that are feature-rich and provide the greatest packing alternatives for every type of packaging demand. Their duplex sheets feature excellent rigidity, anti-curl ability, and folding resilience because of the stringent and comprehensive processing, as well as high-quality raw materials so that it preserves the form that it has been molded in. 

The duplex board is appropriate for pharmaceutical and food packaging due to its FDA-certified production value. Due to its fine standards, it is used in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical packaging, garment coverings, foil wrappers, smokes packets, beverage packaging, food product tetra packages, and covers, and several other packaging applications.