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Things You Need to Know About Duplex Board | Spento Papers

This is an age of innovation and simplification, for every kind of need we look up for the most simple and practical solutions. Duplex Boards, thus have risen in ranks for its simplified design and innovations over the years and its practical everyday applications. A kind of paperboard or cardboard, the duplex board is one of the sturdiest discoveries for daily use.

The outside of the board is coated to make it more water-resistant and polished, but still non - coated duplex board is robust enough to make disposable cups. Unlike corrugated cardboard, duplex board is tough, lightweight, and able to take on a bright white look.


Structure of Duplex Boards

Made out of 100% wood pulp, a Duplex board has a bleached lining on one side. Duplex board, which is also known as Grey back or White back  duplex boards, is a form of paperboard or cardboard with a double-sided grey or white color. Since it is made up of two layers, or plies, it is referred to as duplex board. Duplex board has a shiny coat finish on one side for superior printability. Depending upon the usage the Duplex Board comes in High Weight Coated for heavy or sturdier usage and Light Weight Coated for light usage. The Papers' multi layered formulation is precisely structured with processed pulp, recycled papers and organic pulp. Heavily layered structure of the Coated Duplex Board Papers makes it hard-wearing to rough and unsuitable usage over time.

Properties of Duplex Boards

Duplex Board because of its specific applications has varied properties making it convenient for number industries to make use of it.

  • Moisture Resistant:- Duplex Boards are designed to be moisture resistant. The coating layer of a duplex board offers a premium shine as well as an important water resistance quality ensuring the Duplex Board Paper's coating resists moisture and particles.
  • Anti-curl:- Specifically intended for packing, the Duplex boards have an Anti Curl property to negate any curling of the board, making it suitable for storing or transport of goods.
  • Rigidness:- Duplex Board Papers are very rigid and stiff in structure due to their multilayered design, making them ideal for packing a variety of items and without worrying about the strength of the packing material.
  • Resistance to Folding:- Duplex Board papers can be uniquely shaped to fit any form or mould, but they are fold resistant, making them suitable for wrapping and packaging.
  • Uniform coating:- Duplex Boards are uniformly coated for a premium and even application. Because of its uniformity, its usage is not limited to just packaging and can be widely used in other areas as well.
  • Smooth finish supports all types of printing:- The smooth and uniform finish of the Duplex boards makes it compatible with all kinds of printing, be it offset, inkjet or laser printing.


Application of Duplex Board

Application of Duplex Board is not limited, in fact its design and structure allows it to be used in more or less any manufacturing fields, packaging or crafting applications. Environmental Impact of the Duplex Boards has been enhanced to comply with best environmentally sustainable practices. With new developments in modern technology breakthroughs and continuous research and development advances to boards have had a balanced ecological effect. Most Duplex Boards are made of Food Grade Approved Substances and has been accredited for use in food and medication packaging.

Duplex Boards are used in various industries including:

  • Packaging for beverage industry
  • Match boxes
  • Packaging for garments
  • Packaging of corrugated boxes
  • Toys and game boxes are available in a variety of sizes.
  • Cartons for pharmaceuticals
  • Greeting Cards
  • Food packaging
  • And other packaging and craft needs.

This is all you need to know about Duplex Board, which has essentially made its way inside our homes and all around us by its quality of shear versatile usage.