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Types of Paperboards | Spento Paper

Paperboard is a broad term for several qualities, or grades, of paper-based packaging material. In general, it is thicker than writing paper. Grades of the Paperboard change depending on how much recycled content is used, what surface coatings are used, and what color the product is. There are many types of paperboards all of which is dependent on its end use. 

Different Types of Paperboards

1. Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard boxes are made out of lightweight yet durable sheet of paper. Boards are composed of recovered paper pulps or fibrous wood residues. It may be shaped, designed, and folded into many forms. For varied packaging requirements there are numerous paperboard grades.

2. Foiled Sealed Boxes

This kind of packaging is mostly employed in the business of food and beverage, as it helps to preserve the flavour and richness of the content. It also protects the food from microorganisms which may otherwise degrade them.

3. Chipboard Boxes

The material for the chipboard boxes is comprised of recycled paper and hence quite economical and practical. Chipboard is available in different grades. It is great for packing products like tissue boxes, cereals etc because of its lightweight nature. The main factor that effects it and limits its usage is the humidity that moist it and thus weakens it and result in it losing its colour.

4. Contour or Skin Boxes

Contour or Skin boxes are made out of a flexible film is attached to a paperboard base. This kind of packing is ideal for products with uneven shapes. The air around the product is displaced, which causes the film to tightly attach itself to the item. It is usually used for items or accessories that are packaged with a considerably low cost.

5. Rigid Boxes

For premium products like designer watches, fragrances and jewels, Rigid boxes are used mostly and preferred because of its strength and appeal. The box is composed of paperboard that is pressed or a chip board frame with a printed film. The rigid box is laminated and mostly features an invisible magnetic closure which enhances their attractiveness.

6. Blister Boxes

Blister boxes are particularly common in the pharmaceutical business where a medicine, ampoules, gels, syringes etc needs packaging. The product is cost-effective, robust and tamper-proof. It is also utilised in industries such as toys, batteries and other tiny consumer products packaging.


When you are choosing the paperboard packaging that rightly suits your need you need to consider its cost effectiveness – which should complement the overall costing of your product, durability of the packaging, compliance with the law, its environmental impact. 

At Spento Papers we provide you with a ton of options and even those options are completely customizable to your specific product need. We always choose and suggest the package type that matches the identity of your business and apply it on all your goods consistently. Our innovative ideas have developed solutions for every kind of requirements and our unwavering commitment to maintain and deliver highest quality items has helped us serve many industries irrespective of its size.