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Coated Vs Uncoated Paper (Detailed Comparison)

Gone are the days when the paper was used mostly for writing, nowadays they have evolved into something that has a wide application. In the market, there is a wide range of paper kinds that are tailored to certain purposes or industries. Each variety has unique qualities in terms of composition, manufacturing, and handling. Each paper type has its own advantages, disadvantages and application which differs from the other, making them suitable for certain usage. 

Primarily, paper is either coated or uncoated.

What is Coated vs Uncoated Paper

Coated paper

As the name suggests, it has a top compound or polymer layer that aids in the achievement of certain properties like glossiness, smoothness, and durability, although it frequently comes at the expense of ink absorbent. Coated paper is made from more short fibre than long fibre, and the filler is linked to the fibre by a binding agent, which can be synthetic or natural. A coated layer is placed to the cellulose, resulting in improved printing and resolution. This is because the ink lingers on the surface, resulting in a shinier and more colourful post-printing finish. They have innately excellent printing quality. 

Uncoated Paper

Simply put, Uncoated paper does not have a shiny coat over it, and hence it feels somewhat rougher and more textured than coated paper. In comparison to the latest options and varieties and appearance of coated paper, they can be termed as somewhat classic. It is also available in a range of textures and treatments, giving it far more diversity and adaptability than coated paper.

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Each paper is different and both has their own precise usage, it is their application that has resulted in the development of processes that has made the evolution, of their availability in different grade, possible.

What is Coated Paper Used for?

Coated papers with their shine and gloss are more suitable for high-quality image print. They can be used in the packaging industry for packing food, medicine, garments, footwear etc. They are also available in different grades, and higher-grade coated papers can be used to make premium packaging solutions and for high-quality print solutions such as in posters.

What is Uncoated Paper Used for?

Uncoated paper is noticeably more permeable meaning that it accepts ink more easily than coated papers. But when it comes to high-quality images the pictures may not come as lively as in the coated paper. When it comes to printing text, uncoated paper achieves a far higher degree of clarity and readability. This is the reason why they are used in print media and publishing, for example, newspaper, stationeries, novels, books etc. When printing largely text-based work, uncoated paper is the default choice.

What is Cheaper Coated or Uncoated Paper?

When it comes to the cost of the paper, to the contrary belief that uncoated paper may be cheaper, coated paper is cheaper than uncoated paper and that is primarily because of its composition which does not require a more intricate production or raw material composition. The fibres in the coated paper do not need to be more tightly bound as in the uncoated paper which requires a more tightly bound fibre composition.  

The production cost of the uncoated paper is quite high as compared to the coated paper. To allow frequent colour and finish changes on the equipment, uncoated paper production is a slower process as compared to coated and they only manufacture a limited amount at a time. Coated paper machines can operate more quickly and continuously, hence accommodating bulk production of the high-quality coated paper cutting production costs. Thus, the difference between coated and uncoated papers is quite specific.


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