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White Back Duplex Board in Vietnam

Spento Papers India LLP, headquartered in Morbi, Gujarat, is a prominent manufacturer and exporter of coated duplex boards and white back duplex board paper mills. The primary goal is to manufacture and provide high-quality products with excellent customer service in order to meet the demands and expectations of clients and consumers alike. Spento Papers' philosophy is to produce high-quality coated duplex board paper goods in a unique and sustainable way while keeping the environment in mind.

Spento Papers India LLP entered the Coated Duplex Board Paper industry in the early 2000s, and in a short time has established an enviable reputation. The company has imported its complete plant and machinery from overseas paper machinery pioneers. A fully automated system maintains the quality of the paper boards and allows for considerably more strict control to maintain the manufacturing level.

Spento Papers makes Coated Gray Duplex Boards and White Back Duplex Boards. It is a well-known manufacturer and exporter of White Back Duplex Board Papers in India and abroad. What separates Spento papers from the rest and elevates its position as the go to brand is its latest coated duplex board paper plant, high-quality raw materials, durable and eco-friendly products, high quality and advanced quality checks, and a strong commitment to customers' delivery deadlines.

With an unwavering values and commitment for the highest quality product, Spento Papers has been the talk of the town in the duplex board dealer segment for quite a while now. At all manufacturing locations, the Company has extensive assets, technical expertise, technology, research & development, plants & state-of-the-art machinery, well-equipped laboratories, and excellent infrastructure and utilities such as water, steam generation, communication, plants, effluent treatment plants, and so on. The brand has a strong marketing network that includes a strong sales force, end customers, distributors, a storage facility, and quick delivery capabilities.

White Back Duplex Board

White Back Duplex Board

White outer and internal layers are used to make White Back Duplex Boards. The visible layers of white back duplex paper are made of white virgin waste.  It has a glossy finish and is coated with bright white colors, which allows for superior print quality. White Back Duplex Board generally has an 8 layered composition which is skillfully arranged using high quality pulp, waste papers and recycled wood pulp. Spento Paper as a premium duplex board manufacturer uses high quality sustainable resources for their raw material.

White back duplex board is generally certified for use in food and medication packaging as a result of the sanitary and environmentally friendly work procedures. To ensure quality, the product's coating is consistent throughout. White Back Duplex Board Paper has a wide range of applications, and with the development in online services, ecommerce, and food delivery, there is a constantly rising scope. It includes pharmaceutical, apparel, match boxes, liquid packaging, food packaging, cards, and several other packaging applications.


Spento Quality
The Spento assures a high-quality product. Its White Back Duplex Board Papers are particularly strong and stiff in use due to their multilayered construction, making them ideal for packing a variety of items. Its smoothness, thanks to the coated sheen, enables for a high-quality print to be done quickly and in any desired design. In addition, the gleam gives it a luxury appearance that is appropriate for its intended use. Duplex Board sheets may be mechanically created to fit any form or mold, but they are fold resistant, making them ideal for boxing and packaging.

The coated exterior gives a luxury gloss as well as an important water resistance rating, which means the Duplex Board Paper's surface repels water and droplets. The coatings also prevent dust from adhering to the surface of this Board Paper. The board paper is designed to be printed on, whether with an inkjet printer, a laser printer, or an offset printer. The Coated Duplex Board Papers' heavily layered structure makes them resistant to rough and improper use over time.

The inherent quality of the white back duplex board from Spento is generally heightened with the rigorous treatment that the product goes through in the process. Spento Paper is fundamentally a knowledge-driven organization that places a strong emphasis on innovative product development, quality improvement, and cost-cutting measures, resulting in quality products for its customers.


White Back Duplex Board Quality

White Back Duplex Board In Vietnam

Spento Paper LLP, with its extensive network of clientele in Asia, has set itself a strong root to build on. Spento Papers LLP is proud to identify itself as one of Vietnam's leading exporters of White Back Duplex Board. The items are made of recycled paper, emphasizing their ecological initiative to conserve forests, which allows us to make a variety of products.

Spento Papers, being one of Vietnam's top White Back Duplex Board Manufacturers and Suppliers, has the industry's best solution to provide at the most reasonable price. The paper boards products are durable and have already passed several quality checks to pass for the purpose that they are intended for. As a premium exporter, Spento Papers LLP has established a strong base in the Vietnam region, needless to say the majority of the import for white back duplex boards is from Spento Papers.

The unmatched product quality and the endless applications makes the white back paper boards a perfect choice and Spento Papers as a reliable name to associate with. If you wish to join our ever-growing network of clients give us a call or drop an email right away.


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