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5 Best Paper Types That Are Used For Packaging - Spento Papers

Paper packaging has gained in popularity in recent decades. In comparison to plastics, paper is easily recyclable. Paper packaging is becoming more popular as a result of increased awareness and the bans on plastics. With the appropriate information, it is so much simpler to choose the best paper packaging at the best cost. 

There are numerous options to select from in creating packaging bags. The hardness, smoothness, and attractiveness of various sorts of paper vary. To suit client requests, packaging material producers will customize paper bags or other packaging solutions based on their function of them and the qualities of different materials.

5 Various Kinds Of Papers Used For Packaging

This article will help you understand the many types of packing paper. This will give you details on the materials utilized and many of its fundamental features. We have attempted to answer many of your questions such as, what kind of paper is used for packaging. So that you can make an informed decision for all of your packing needs.

  1. Corrugated Board Paper

Corrugated board papers are not the same as cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is meant to be a robust and durable substance that really can endure excessive levels of pressure that expands its mass, with just interior liners, an exterior primer, and a fluted curved layer in the center. 

There are several factors why the corrugated board is as commonly utilized as a transportation medium, ranging from its quality to keep the products safe to its being very affordable and eco-friendly nature. Corrugated cardboard is utilized in a variety of packing circumstances, including moving, shipping computers, and packing food items.

  1. Cardboard Paper

Unlike corrugated boxes, which are constructed from many layers of paperboard, cardboard papers are frequently constructed from a single layer of heavy-duty paper or paperboard. Cardboard box sheets are notably slimmer and lightweight than corrugated boxes. Such sheets, on the other hand, are comes in a multitude of qualities and firmness levels.

Compact and lightweight products are typically packed and transported in cardboard boxes such as cereals, perishable consumables small toys, etc. Cardboard boxes may be folded or curved relatively more easily than corrugated boxes due to their lighter nature. It's fairly uncommon to find cardboard boxes in a variety of forms, and some can also be shaped to fit the contour of the items they are containing.

  1. Duplex Boards

Duplex Boards are simply a type of cardboard or paperboard that gets its name from the fact that it has two layers. These coated duplex boards are suitable for high-quality item packing since their surfaces are shiny and dust-proof. These duplex boards have a high-quality coating that provides durability and hardness. 

These are widely utilized across sectors and are renowned for their quality. A  Duplex board is a form of a board that is available in both rolls and sheets. They are often used to manufacture cardboard boxes, apparel packaging, milk cartons, and a range of many other packing and are offered in both white and grey back duplex boards.

  1. Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is made from softer wood fibers using what is known as the kraft process, which results in a much more durable type of paper with great rip strength and flexibility. These characteristics make kraft paper perfect for the production of paper packing solution, which is used to protect boxes during transportation, as well as bag & sack papers, which is used to produce shopping bags and grocery store sacks.

  1. Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is often used for wrapping gifts and is a beautiful type of paper used to wrap gifts for the holidays, as well as for celebrations, and other occasions. It has a beautiful pattern that is printed using a flexography printing method. The material is available both in rolls and folding flat-packed sheets.


Now that you have learned what kind of paper is used for packaging and about the many sorts of packaging options, the next goal is to estimate which ones are ideal for packing your merchandise. Each product requires a specific kind of packaging, such as consumables need to be packaged in food-grade materials only, while apparel is required to pack in coated papers as opposed to normal corrugated packaging. 

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