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Applications Or Uses Of Duplex Board Paper - Spento Papers

A duplex board has 2 levels or layers. The treated duplex board features a shiny outer layer with one side for improved processability. A Duplex board is a less expensive version of a whiteboard with a similar top texture that provides a printed surface similar to that of the more expensive paper board. Because of its texture and compositions, applications of duplex board paper are nearly unlimited and spread across a wide range of industries.

A Duplex board is a type of chipboard or paper product. The exterior of the board is coated to render it much more water-resistant and to give it a glossy look, but the especially unprocessed duplex board is now strong enough to produce paper cups or for other similar purposes.

According to your needs use, the duplex board can be glossy and lustrous or rough and dull in texture. Duplex board is wider than some other types of paperboard because it is built of multiple layers of cells of paper. Duplex board is tough, thin, and may take on a brilliant white appearance. It is widely used to create packets for a variety of small things. It is common in the coatings market, for instance. It's also used to make clothes packs and cigarette packs, as well as throwaway dishes and boxes in the catering industry.

Duplex boards have developed and are now supplied in several varieties based on their function. Every duplex board has a diverse application domain and thus suits a different industry more than others.

What are the Use of Duplex Board?

To answer the question, what are the use of a duplex board? We have to discuss the various industries in which their applications are widely. 

  1. Small Scale Industries

Because of their stiffness, durability, and easy molding they are used in a variety of small-scale industries. Duplex board may also be used to construct boxes for a variety of tiny objects. Small-scale industry uses duplex boards in a variety of ways for example matchbox packaging, homemade goods packaging, disposable cutleries, pitchers, etc. 

  1. Large Scale Industries

Large-scale industries employ the usage of duplex boards in a variety of packaging solutions for their products. Such as cigarette packets, confectionaries, shoe boxes, apparel boxes, toy boxes, and many more. And because of their affordability, they do not alter the cost of the products in a major way.

  1. Retail Industry

Its easy availability and qualities such as great printable surface and whole possibilities of graphics and texts make them desirable and popular in the retail industry as well. Packaging solutions for different retail outlets heavily rely on duplex board papers. They are even used to create custom packaging in high-end luxury product packaging such as gifts and souvenirs.

  1. Pharmaceutical Industry

Given that the duplex board papers are thoroughly inspected and approved for usage in almost all sectors they are widely in use in the pharmaceutical industry. They are used to pack medicines and medical equipment which require a more hygienic solution as packaging.

  1. Food Industry

Duplex board papers are food grade approved and hence are extensively used in the food packaging industry. They are used to pack take-out food and deliveries of the food items such as pizza boxes, meal packages, and many more.

Applications of duplex board paper are wide and nearly have no limit to what it possibly can achieve in the future. Spento Papers are the most renowned duplex board paper manufacturer in India and have achieved an assailable and unmatched reputation with their high-quality duplex papers. Their duplex boards are used in a variety of industries all over the country and they provide their in-demand product solution in the most customized and customer-centric manner.