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Packaging Boxes Manufacturer in India | Spento Papers LLP

We at Spento Papers are one of India's most prominent makers and producers of all types of packing solutions. We are a worldwide manufacturer of customized corrugated packaging boxes.

In addition, we provide a variety of corrugated cardboard packaging products, custom shipping boxes, food packaging boxes, and much more.

Our custom-printed boxes are extensively applicable in a variety of sectors. We are one of the top bespoke corrugated packing box manufacturers in India and have constantly produced perfect solutions per our clients’ specifications. 

As a custom packaging box manufacturer in India, Spento Paper Mills is recognized for its attractive structure and sturdiness and has thus been able to serve a variety of applications across industries.

Spento is a Manufacturer of Premium Quality Packaging Boxes

When it comes to quality, consistency, and dependability, over the years Spento Paper Mills has reliably churned out the best and premium quality packaging boxes. These packaging solutions have been adopted in a variety of industries across innumerable applications. 

The superior quality custom shipping box is one of their most in-demand solutions which is preferred by many brands and manufacturers as shipping packaging solutions. Likewise, the food packaging box is one of the most widely used solutions because of the growing market for packaged food.

Made out of the best quality raw materials which include recycled paper as a major source of our operations, the custom packaging box made at our facilities is a Green solution, but in no way has a compromised composition. 

Making the Most of Our Various Types of Packaging Boxes

At Spento Papers we offer the widest and most customizable solution through our various types of packaging boxes. For our clients, we ensure that they receive the best possible alternative for their products through fully custom cardboard packaging and other packaging solutions. 

Being an ecologically friendly solution, our packaging boxes are a perfect addition to a company’s reputation and value. We ensure that we incorporate only sustainable processes, raw materials, and applications.

We are capable of providing fully custom solutions and thus our custom print boxes are already popular for many brands and industries to ensure their unique brand identity. 

Our various packaging boxes like Grey Back Duplex Board and  White Back Duplex Board also include the food packaging box which is so extensively used in the contemporary scenario where the Take-out, food delivery, and the packaged food industry are on the rise.

The application and usage of our packaging boxes are finding new services and sectors to serve and we as a brand are constantly evolving with the changing dynamics to serve more requirements.

Types of Packaging Boxes

  • Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated sheets or boxes are lightweight yet strong solutions created by paperboards. Corrugated sheets have stronger folding stiffness and breakage resilience than most other packing solutions. 
Corrugated sheets are classified according to the concentration of the bridges or arches in addition to the width of the sheets. Except when they are coated with polymers, corrugated boxes can be recycled and reused. Such boxes are frequently coated with various types of material, allowing for rich, full-color graphics embossing.

  • Paperboard Box


Paperboard may be readily embossed in vibrant colors, covered with different fabrics, and pleated ingeniously. As a result, paperboard boxes are suitable for retail packaging which looks great on shelves. Corrugated boards are also made using paperboard. 
Paperboard is widely used in medicinal packaging, stationery wrapping, cigarette and beverage packaging, and other applications. Paperboard packaging is simple to print on. They can be engraved as well.

  • Aseptic Cartons

Aseptic boxes are multi-layered cartons that often hold real food items. They're widely used to keep beverages, baby nourishment, or even confectionery fresh. Aseptic packing not only extends product shelf life but also retains nutrient content, color, and feel. Whenever acidic goods are present, aseptic boxes can endure extreme temps and will not degrade over time. TetraPak is a well-known producer of these aseptic cartons.
Aseptic cartons are challenging to recycle due to the variety of substances utilized. Aseptic boxes are constructed of polyethylene, paperboard, an aluminum layer, and additional plastic sheets. These sheets are joined together with heat or glue.

  • Gable Top


 Gable top boxes are multi-layered packages that are utilized to preserve items kept for refrigeration. These boxes serve to hold items such as dairy and beverages. Gable tops are a type of aseptic carton that has a distinct plastic capping on the top of the box. As a result, the package can be reused. The dairy or juices can be refrigerated in the box and stored properly, then taken out as required.

How to Choose the Right Packaging Boxes for Your Packaging Needs.

Here’s how to choose the right packaging boxes for your packaging needs.

  • Cost

Determining the limit of your budget may help you a great deal in finding the best packaging solution as it may affect the overall cost for you as well.

  • Transport

You need to determine the ideal scenario in which your product may travel, and thence make the choice for the right packaging.

  • Sustainability

Not only does a sustainable packaging solution it adds to company value but also ensures that you are also delivering completely natural products to your customers.

  • Size

One of the most obvious factors is to determine the size of the products, naturally, a bigger carton or box packaging will cost you more than a smaller one.

  • Customizability 

Marketing and branding is an important aspects for any business today and hence you must always rely on a packaging solution that provides you with the most satisfying branding and customizing options.

5 Packaging Elements that Influence Consumer Behaviour Unconsciously

  • Graphics and Color

Graphics and color always are the first thing that the customer notice and hence a packaging solution that is fully customizable and is able to be printed upon any designs and graphics, even embossed will naturally be more popular.

  • Size

The size of the packaging boxes needs to be perfect and to exactly fit the product it intends to hold. Any bigger and the product might damage and any smaller the product may not fit at all or may damage in transition.

  • Status

A perfect packaging solution also showcases the status of the brand and hence a company must always invest in a solution that is in sync with its image.

  • Quality

Of course, the quality of the packaging box is a crucial aspect and one of the most influential elements. The rigidity, strength, and thickness all play an important aspect in ensuring that the product is safe and handled well.

  • Price

The price of the packaging solution will also affect consumer behavior unconsciously. Premium Packaging may be costly but can absolutely ensure that the product is branded well, and is safe. 
Spento Papers promises the finest packaging solution that is a perfect addition to any brand and company. Also, they offer the most superior quality packaging solution at the most affordable price in the market.

Select Spento for your packaging needs

Paper packaging has grown in popularity during the last few years. Paper, unlike plastics, is easily recycled. Paper packaging has become increasingly widespread as a response to rising awareness and limitations of plastics.

It is much easier to pick the best paper packaging at the greatest price when you have the correct knowledge.

When it comes to manufacturing packing bags, there are several solutions available. The firmness, thickness, and aesthetics of different types of paper differ. To meet customer demands, packaging materials manufacturers will create carton box packaging or corrugated box packaging solutions depending on their purpose and the properties of various materials.

Spento Papers has been one of the most famous brands in the circuit for a long time now, supplying packaging solutions to both the Indian and worldwide markets.


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