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Significance of the white top kraft liners In the Packaging industry -Spento Papers

The world is trying to move towards an eco-friendly future. Thus, availing of paper-based products is the ideal way to go green. The demand for white top kraft liners is increasing day by day. 

Now, what are these white top kraft liners?

More about the White top kraft liners

The white top kraft liners are two-ply products. The top ply comprises hardwood kraft fibers that undergo complete bleaching. And the base ply comprises softwood kraft fibers that remain unbleached. 

One of the key advantages of this type of paper grade is excellent printability. 

•    Technical features

Spento has been manufacturing kraft liner white tops for many years. As India's top white kraft liner manufacturer, we have a huge client base. Thus, we would like to share the key features of our products:

•    The white top liners from our company have a substantial range of 8o- to 200 gsm. GSM implies Grams per square meter. It denotes the weight of the paper with a measurement of 1m X 1m in terms of grams.

•    And the best part about the white liner papers is the brightness. The standard brightness of this product is about 77%.

•    The standard SCTcd values range up to 4.10kN/m. Additionally, the typical Burst value adds up to 890kPa.
Thus, kraft liner paper is a product in demand all the time.

•    Brightness guaranteed

The white paper grades that we are offering are always the brightest option among the other varieties available in the market. And that is the reason why we are getting more orders from the clients than the other companies.

If you are running a packaging company in India, we can assure you that these papers will provide the best quality packing materials, especially when you are planning for food-grade packaging. The optimal printability is the reason why the papers are ideal for packaging.

Moreover, the stiffness level of the paper will be excellent for any type of use in the different industrial processes.

We will recommend the white kraft paper if you are looking for a paper grade with high tensile strength in the direction of the machine run.

Special features of the White Linear Kraft Paper


1. Porosity

If you want to package powdered goods and enable fast and dust-free filling, these papers are ideal. The papers put forward a perfect combination of porosity and strength. The paper has sufficient porous characteristics to aid in packaging loose particles.

The porous nature of the material will allow active de-aeration of the bags while you fill them up. So, you don’t need the perforations afterward.

2. Printability

We try to keep in mind that our clients will be printing the brand names, product names, and much other information on the packages. So, if the surface is not good for printing, you will be in trouble.

Spento brings to you top-quality kraft liner paper that will offer an excellent surface for printing. The smooth surface along with the uniform paper formation aids in achieving top-notch print results. 

We have many happy customers who buy from us to enhance their sales rate by using the bag as the appealing point of purchase.

3. Strength 

Whether it is the grey or white kraft paper you select, the tensile strength will undeniably be the best available in the market. We would always request that potential clients check the TEA index before buying.

The grade is ideal for making the 1-ply as well as the 2-ply industrial bags too.

4. Runnability

The stiffness of the liner paper along with the surface smoothness creates the perfect example of a material that can withstand operations using high-speed machines.

You must check this feature before placing your order for the coated white top liner board. Too much stiffness or too less stiffness will ruin the purpose of purchasing the paper.

5. Pricing 

Spento is a reputed brand that can offer you top-quality kraft liners at the most reasonable price. Don’t think our product quality will be poor just because we are selling these at a very low price. 

We try to keep our products affordable so that none of you has to refrain from buying just because it is getting too hard on your pockets. 

Products are reusable

Spento is glad to share that our products are reusable. If you want to reduce your business's carbon footprint, then you have to choose our product. We are using all the raw materials from environmental resources so that you can reuse them once you have finished the primary function. 

•    As we maintain the regular stringent procedure for the making of the kraft paper liners, there is never any issue with the quality of our product. 

•    We also make sure that we effectively reduce the paper waste from our manufacturing process. 
Thus, Spento is always the pioneer in making the kraft liner.

Best Products and Quality at Spento

•    Assured Quality

If quality is the prime focus of your business while using kraft paper for the packaging, you have to order from us. Because none of the other companies can offer a much-assured quality of paper. 

We are the favorite of the food packaging companies that always consider the quality and hygiene factor of using these kraft liners for packaging purposes.

•    Quick supply

Being one of the dominant manufacturers of the top kraft liners, we have a high production rate at our company. Thus, even if you need the white top kraft liner quickly, we can supply you at the soonest. 

We maintain a very high production rate with complete quality control strategies to make sure that we don’t ruin our reputation. 

It took years to build the reputation. Naturally, we are only developing the process of manufacturing and designing further so that we can cater to the bulk needs of the customers. 

Don’t waste time anymore. Place your order with us to experience the supreme quality of the kraft liners.

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