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Folding Boxboard Manufacturer In India | Spento Paper

At Spento Papers we are engaged in the manufacture of high-quality packaging solutions. Along with other packaging options, the consumption for FBB surged quickly in local and foreign markets in 2021 as paper and package solutions skyrocketed, making it among our highly sought-after supply options. Three layers make up the Folding Box Board (FBB), a virgin fiber paperboard composed of 2 layers of chemical bleached pulp and a central layer of mechanically pleated fiber.

The market for paperboard packing options like FBB has increased as a solution and alternative to plastic as sustainability has been a bigger emphasis for many firms across the world. Customer views have changed as well, with environmentalism now playing a significant role in the purchase decision. The business philosophy has also changed.

What is Folding Boxboards?

Folding Boxboard Manufacturer

A folding boxboard is a multi-ply board made from chemical compounds as well as some sort of Mechanical Pulp or Thermo Mechanical Pulp. The goal of FBB research is to make lighter boards that consume fewer trees, yield benefits above SBS and CRB (Coated Recycled Board), and saves substantial weight, which may be observed in shipping costs.

Folding Boxboards or FBB normally have 3 levels, however, there may be more in rare circumstances. The intermediate level is just where innovation has enabled mills to use less-weight pulp, resulting in thinner total boards. The most sophisticated sort of pulp used here is known as BCTMP (Bleached Chemi-Thermo Mechanical Pulp).

FBB may be made with much less variance, in addition to benefiting from a lighter-weight board. This is because three smaller levels of pulp are simpler to regulate than one big coating of pulp. This converts to a board with greater tolerance, which means FBB has less fluctuation in parameters like caliper and foundation weights.

Why Choose Folding Boxboards?


One of the most varied materials for creative packaging solutions is the folding box board. Businesses are continuously coming up with new, brilliant ideas for how to package their goods, with their structural properties and imprinting capacities at the heart of their success. When producing package solutions, there isn't any packing as dependable as FBB, rendering it among the most sought-after packaging options in the segment right now.

Folding Box Board (FBB) is among the most sophisticated types of packing due to its strength, flexibility and appealing shining white surface. This paperboard's flexibility, which enables it to stick out as one of the most popular kinds of packaging in areas like medicines and grooming, is one of the main factors contributing to its growing market. Additionally, FBB is frequently made from recyclable materials, making it desirable to customers that prioritize environment-friendly solutions while making purchases.

Application and Uses of Folding Boxboards


Folding Boxboards are a versatile material used in a variety of industries for a range of different applications. As one of the leading folding boxboards manufacturer, Spento Papers produces some of the highest quality folding boxboards available on the market today.

Folding boxboards are commonly used to create corrugated cardboard boxes, which can be used for a wide array of packaging needs from food and beverages to cosmetics, electronics, and more. It is also used for many other purposes, such as book covers, point-of-purchase displays, and counter cards. The strong and durable properties of folding boxboards make them an ideal choice for use in protective packaging applications.

The folding boxboards produced by Spento Papers are also well-suited for the printing industry. Their unique surface provides excellent printability while providing strength and durability. The boards are highly resistant to moisture, so they are perfect for printed materials that need to be kept safe in humid climates. They can also be used to create presentation folders, paper bags, and other printed items with ease.

No matter what type of packaging or printing project you’re working on, Spento Papers’ high-quality folding boxboards will provide you with the perfect solution. Their commitment to excellence ensures that you will always receive top-notch products that meet your exact needs and specifications. With Spento Papers as your folding boxboard manufacturer, you can be confident that your project will be completed successfully and efficiently.

Spento Papers – The Leading Folding Boxboards Supplier in India


Spento Papers is India's leading folding boxboard manufacturer and supplier in India, offering customers superior quality folding boxboards to meet their packaging requirements. The company's extensive facility, infrastructure, and network in both domestic and international markets have made us one of the most sought-after folding boxboard manufacturers in the country. Apart from our superior folding boxboard packaging solutions range we offer high-quality Coated Grey Back Duplex Board and White Back Duplex Board as widely used packaging solutions in various industries.

Spento Papers has earned a reputation for its commitment to quality and the production of high-end folding boxboards. Our premium-grade materials and stringent quality control processes guarantee each and every product is of the highest standard. Additionally, our large production capacity allows them to deliver orders on time, while our state-of-the-art machinery provides the best possible finish on their folding boxboards.

Moreover, we are well-known for our customer service. The staff is always willing to answer any queries and ensure that each customer receives the product they need at the best possible price. We also offer a wide range of customization options so customers can get the exact folding boxboards they require for their packaging needs.

In conclusion, Spento Papers is the go-to supplier for anyone looking for top-notch folding boxboards. With our commitment to quality and customer service, you can be sure you're getting the best product for your packaging needs.

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Article Published :16-12-2022