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Pharmaceutical packaging industry in India | Spento Papers

Spento has brought a new dimension to the Pharmaceutical packaging industry

A medicine can not be sold openly without any packaging or branding. Here comes the importance of the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Without the package, medicine can never be sold anywhere. 

Spento is offering the best packaging to the pharmaceutical industry of India. We are one of the largest pharmaceutical packaging industries in India. We are trying to provide the best quality papers to the pharmaceutical industry. Besides manufacturing packaging papers in India we also export pharmaceutical packaging papers outskirts. 

Pharmaceutical Industry of India

The Pharmaceutical Industry of India is one of the leading Industries. The pandemic has already proved the importance of the pharmaceutical industry. This industry defines the development, discovery, and manufacture of medications and drugs. 

The pharmaceutical industry does not run only by medicines, it needs different ingredients to manufacture. To produce a final manufactured unit raw materials like papers, plastics, metal or glass are the essential substances.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry

Packaging plays a major role in the pharma industry. Packaging includes the branding of the medicine and the information regarding the medicine over the packaging paper of the medicine for the safety of the patient. 

Therefore, the Pharmaceutical packaging Industry is indispensable for packaging as well as for branding and providing information about the medicine to the patient. After the pandemic, the demand for the pharmaceutical packaging industry has reached an optimum level. 

Types of Packaging in the Pharmaceutical Industry

There are three types of packaging in the pharmaceutical industry such as primary packaging, secondary packaging, and tertiary packaging. We are going to discuss these three types and sub-types of packaging below:

Primary Packaging 

Primary packaging is also known as sales packaging which is one of the most important for pharmaceutical companies. This kind of packaging is directly connected with medicines and drugs. Therefore, the primary packaging needs to be done correctly. Any kind of mishap during packaging can affect the medicine. It may also affect the quality of the medicine. 

The materials for primary packaging include a kind of non-reactive substance that contains PVC and aluminium. Nowadays the packaging industry uses high-quality plastic instead of glass for a safe transportation process. The industry uses plastics for pills and tablets are nylon, polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, and polyvinyl chloride. 

There are different types of primary packaging. The types of primary packaging are as follows:

Strip Packaging 

This is a unit of packing dosage. This helps to enhance the life of dosage as it helps to protect the medicine individually. In this form of packaging, the packaging material formed around the tablet. 

Blister Packaging

This type of packaging is used to keep the medicines in place. It is thermoformed plastic. The substances of the packaging are paper, pre-formed foil, plastic packs, etc. At the back side of the packaging, there is an aluminium foil and paperboard which can be torn with the hand. 

Sachet Packaging 

This is packaging that is nothing but pouch packaging that is made of plastic. This type of packaging is mainly used for medicines that contain powder as well as liquid-based doses. 


Vials are made of glass or plastic material. These are large containers that contain solid, powder, and liquid drugs. There are different types of caps made of different substances. 


An ampoule is a small plastic container or glass which helps to contain liquid drugs and medicines. These are sealed tightly to protect drugs from the outer atmosphere. 


We all know bottles are used mostly to keep liquid drugs. Apart from that, it also contains capsules and tablets. Two colours are common that are orange and brown. As they prevent the UV ray of the sun. 

Secondary Packaging 

It is quite obvious that after primary packaging is completed the secondary packaging will be in process. The printing of the boxes that contain the primarily packaged product6 is the task of the secondary packaging. 

The secondary packaging is another layer of packaging that contains much important information like the ingredients of the medicine, the name, and address of the manufacturer, the warning regarding the medicine, and the type of medicine. 

The secondary packaging helps the manufacturer as well as the consumer about the medicine as the packaging shows the branding and the information as well. The information on packaging helps the manufacturer to differentiate the medicine as well as to organize the packages during the transportation of the medicines. 

Tertiary Packaging 

This is the final packaging of any kind of medicine. This packaging helps to initiate the shipping process. This is not essential for the drug consumers or the wholesalers of the medicines. The prime job of tertiary packaging is to protect the primary and secondary packaging from the outer environment during transportation and the storage of the medicine as well. 

Why Spento?

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